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Listed are aftermarket replacement outer lips and inner barrels made in the USA for your Weds wheels. These are stronger & lighter than original Weds parts. Made from 6061-T6 forged alloy.

Cerberus I, Cerberus II, Bazreia, LXZ, Vishnu, etc. We have replacement outer lips and inner barrels of all sizes in stock, ready to ship for your Weds wheels. If you are not sure what lip is compatible with your model. Please email

NOTE: These parts will not fit Glossa, Chrishna, ERM, Shoki. Please email if you need replacement parts for these models.

We also offer step conversion kits for your Weds wheels. (Ex. 18" LXZ, step up to 19" with step lips and barrels). These step conversion require new lips, new barrels, and also require trimming of the center to accept the step up parts. Please email in regards to step conversions.

PHOTOS OF PARTS WILL BE UPLOADED SOON. If you would like to see a photo of the part you need before purchasing, please email and we will provide you with the needed photos in the mean time.